Times of Trouble was published April 28, 2013. It was edited by Lane Adamson.

Back cover synopsis:


It’s funny how second chances usually wind up being just another opportunity to make the same mistakes, though.

The authors represented in the collection you now hold were tasked to create grim and gritty tales of time travel gone horribly wrong.

They have done so, in some wildly varied ways.

There are stories of rare and exceptional beauty; stories of dark, otherworldly horror; stories of white-knuckle thrills and even some that will make you laugh out loud.

In fact, if you pay close attention, in at least one of these adventures, you’ll realize that no time travel at all ever takes place.

All of them will take you places—and times—you’ve yet to be, and make you think about the experience."


  • "Hiroshima Sunflowers" by Stephen Gaskell
  • "Previous" by David Gullen
  • "The Scavenger" by Michael C. Lea
  • "Little Girl Lost" by Jeff Drake
  • "A Tornado in Time" by Craig DiLouie
  • "Let Me Take You There" by Rakie Keig
  • "To Run Indefinitely" by Brian P. Easton
  • "The Grandfather Clause" by Jason S. Hornsby
  • "Tempus Fugitive" by Rob Pegler and Thom Brannan
  • "Mandatory Waiting Period" by Aaron Polson
  • "Screwing Christa" by Wayne Helge
  • "Forgetting" by Frank Farrar
  • "Decoherence" by Mark Harding
  • "Hounded" by Joshua Reynolds
  • "The Transcendental Man" by Timothy Martinez
  • "Rabid Season" by Matthew Baugh
  • "Mulligan" by Peter Clines
  • "Faces of Nefertiti" by Ruth Nestvold
  • "Biodegradable" by Gregory L. Norris
  • "The Time Traveler's Late Wife" by Stan Timmons
  • "A Hatful of Yesterday" by Lane Adamson
  • "Among Flowers and Bones" by Frank Summers
  • "The Unravelling" by R.B. Payne