The Seven Habits of Highly Infective People is an upcoming apocalyptic novel by William Todd Rose. Set partially in pre-apocalyptic society and partly in a world torn apart by an undead uprising, the novel blends elements of time travel with the zombie genre.


Art by Craig Paton.

The book was originally independently published in 2010 before the revised and expanded second edition was acquired by Permuted Press. A release date for The Seven Habits of Highly Infective People has not been officially announced yet.


Through a heady cocktail of drugs and the occult, Bosley Coughlin has become dimensionally unstable. Passing through the Eye of Aeons, he slips through time and space and glimpses The End. The cities of man lay in ruins and those who still cling to life hide in the rubble like frightened animals; rotting carcasses, trapped somewhere between life and death, shamble through the debris of a fallen society, scouring the landscape for even the smallest sign of the living.

But this is the only world fourteen-year-old Ocean has ever known. Starving and alone, she struggles for even the most basic of necessities: food, water, shelter, love . . . All the while, the ghosts of her past haunt the young girl, reminding her of the horrible costs that survival can sometimes demand. In a world overrun by the living dead, she attempts to find something that may very well be as elusive and rare as her next meal: happiness.

Back in the present, Bosley Coughlin stumbles across Clarice Hudson; at first seeming to be nothing more than a simple shopgirl, he soon recognizes in her the seven symptoms of the contagion which destroys society. With this knowledge comes a terrible responsibility, Clarice may very well be the key to stopping the coming apocalypse and sparing Ocean from the atrocities of mankind's imminent future.

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