The Desert by Bryon Morrigan is the stand-alone prelude to Acheron, coming soon from Permuted Press.

Desert Front Final

The Desert, art by Craig Paton.


Give up trying to leave. There's no way out.

Stay up high. You are safer up here.

Stay out of the fog.

Do not go into the hole.

Those are the final words in a bizarre journal left by the last apparent survivor of a platoon that disappeared during the Iraqi invasion in 2003. Seven years later, Captain Henderson and Specialist Densler realize that what happened to the "Lost Platoon" is now happening to them. Trapped in the middle of the desert, they must confront the horrifying creatures responsible for their misfortune, or risk suffering the same fate as that of the soldiers before them.


"Fun, fast-paced, and deliciously creepy." —Jonathan Maberry, bestselling author of Patient Zero and Rot & Ruin

"Has more dangerous twists and sinister turns than Richard Nixon on crystal meth. When the end comes, all I need is a fifth of whiskey, a loaded handgun, and a copy of this book." —Brian Keene, author of The Rising and City of the Dead

"A fine mesh of horror and military drama that I can't recommend enough." —James A. Moore, author of Blood Red and Harvest Moon


The book was originally published by Dark Hart Press in 2007. Permuted Press published a revised e-book version in 2011, and acquired the rights to publish a print version shortly thereafter.


Since 2007, the film version, also scripted by Bryon Morrigan, has been in development under a number of different Hollywood studios, but as of 2011, none of these projects has received a "green-light."