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Permuted Press is an independent publisher specializing in apocalyptic fiction and has emerged as one of the leading publishers in the zombie genre. Several Permuted titles have become cult favorites and bestsellers within the genre including J.L. Bourne's Day by Day Armageddon, Z.A. Recht's Morningstar Strain (Plague of the Dead, Thunder and Ashes, and Survivors), Kim Paffenroth's Dying to Live series, Peter Clines' Ex-Heroes, and Craig DiLouie's The Infection.

The following are Permuted titles (novels, anthologies and collections) listed in reverse chronological order of publication.

New Releases

  • The Vampire Count of Monte Cristo by Matthew Baugh & Alexandre Dumas
  • Blood Red by Jason Bovberg
  • Sad Wings of Destiny by Thom Brannan
  • The Remnant by P.A. Douglas
  • Sleepers by Jaqueline Druga
  • Phoenix by C. Dulaney
  • Desert Bleeds Red by Jason S. Hornsby
  • Tankbread II: Immortal by Paul Mannering
  • Animosity by James Newman
  • Z-Boat by Suzanne Robb
  • One Man's Island by Thomas Wolfenden
  • Tentyrian Legacy by Elise Walters

Standalone Novels

  • Tankbread by Paul Mannering
  • Brew by Bill Braddock
  • The Omega Dog by D.L. Snell & Thom Brannan
  • Ex-Communication by Peter Clines
  • The Becoming: Revelations by Jessica Meigs
  • Blood Soaked & Contagious by James Crawford
  • The Undead Haze by Eloise J. Knapp
  • Into the Dark by Patrick D'Orazio
  • Dead Earth: Sanctuary by Mark Justice & David T. Wilbanks
  • The King of Clayfield by Shane Gregory
  • Darpocalypse by Joseph Souza
  • Comes the Dark by Patrick D'Orazio
  • Ammon's Horn by Stan Timmons
  • Dead Living by Glen Bullion
  • Among the Dead by Timothy W. Long
  • The Tilian Virus by Tom Calen
  • Lords of Night by Thom Brannan
  • The Reanimation of Edward Schuett by Derek J. Goodman
  • Cannibal Corpse, M/C by Tim Curran
  • The Reawakening by Joseph Souza
  • 14 by Peter Clines
  • Eaters by Michelle Depaepe
  • The Harvest Cycle by David Dunwoody
  • If God Doesn't Show by R. Thomas Riley & John Grover
  • Dead Tropics by Sue Edge
  • Long Voyage Back by Luke Rhinehart
  • Rotter World by Scott Baker
  • Pavlov's Dogs by D.L. Snell & Thom Brannan


  • Alaskan Undead Apocalypse By Sean Schubert
  • Infection
  • Containment
  • The Dark By Patrick D'Orazio
  • Comes the Dark
  • Into the Dark
  • Day by Day Armageddon By J. L. Bourne
  • Day by Day Armageddon
  • Beyond Exile
  • Shattered Hourglass
  • The Dead By Iain McKinnon
  • Domain of the Dead
  • Remains of the Dead
  • Dead Earth By Mark Justice & David T. Wilbanks
  • The Green Dawn
  • The Vengeance Road
  • Sanctuary
  • Down the Road
  • On the Last Day
  • The Fall of Austin
  • Dying to Live
  • Life Sentence
  • Last Rites
  • Eden By Tony Monchinski
  • Eden
  • Crusade
  • Resurrection
  • The Killing Floor By Craig DiLouie
  • The Infection
  • The Killing Floor
  • Mad Swine By Steven Pajak
  • The Beginning
  • Dead Winter
  • Plague of the Dead
  • Thunder and Ashes
  • Survivors (with Thom Brannan)
  • The Plan
  • Murphy's Law
  • Shades of Gray
  • Phoenix
  • Twilight of the Dead By Travis Adkins
  • Twilight of the Dead
  • After Twilight: Walking With the Dead
  • Werewolf Apocalypse By William D. Carl
  • Bestial
  • Primeval


The Undead

  • The Undead edited by D.L. Snell & Elijah Hall
  • Skin and Bones (vol 2) edited by D.L. Snell & Travis Adkins
  • Flesh Feast (vol 3) edited by D.L. Snell & Travis Adkins
  • Headshot Quartet by D.L. Snell, John Sunseri, Ryan C. Thomas & Dave Dunwoody

Cthulhu Unbound

  • Cthulhu Unbound edited by Thom Brannan & John Sunseri
  • Cthulhu Unbound² edited by John Sunseri & Thom Brannan
  • Cthulhu Unbound 3 edited by David Conyers & Brian M. Sammons


  • Stories for the End of the World by Eric Shapiro
  • Season of Rot by Eric S. Brown
  • Madmen's Dreams by Eric S. Brown

Upcoming Releases

(listed in alphabetical order by author)

  • Skin Trade by Tonia Brown
  • Torrance by Tom Calen
  • The Secret of the Black Crystal by Caesar Diogenes
  • AoaWH3: The Lineage by Brian P. Easton
  • Outbreak: Visions of the Apocalypse edited by David Forsyth
  • Z-Day is Here by Rob Fox
  • Downfall by Michael S. Gardner
  • The HMS Swift Adventures by Derek Gunn
  • Cry Havoc by Jack Hanson
  • At the End by John Hennessy
  • Skullcrack City by Jeremy Robert Johnson
  • The Information Thieves by M.L. Katz
  • The Boom Generation by Timothy W. Long & Jonathan Moon
  • Big-Ass Shark by Briar Lee Mitchell
  • Fat Zombie edited by Paul Mannering
  • Denying Thanatos by Iain McKinnon
  • Escape: A Zombie Chronicles Novel by James Melzer
  • Eden: Moriah by Tony Monchinski
  • Hollow Mountain Dead by Jonathan Moon
  • The Ancients by Bryon Morrigan
  • Pale Gods by Kim Paffenroth
  • MS3: New Dawn by Steven Pajak
  • Project Hindsight by Steven Pajak
  • Evil Vein by D.S. Sager
  • The Setting Sky by Craig Saunders
  • AUA4: Resolution by Sean Schubert
  • Objects of Wrath by Sean T. Smith
  • Best New Tales of the Apocalypse edited by D.L. Snell & Bobbie Metevier
  • Dead Inside by Gareth Wood
  • Black Horizon by Gareth Wood

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