Lords of Night is a post-apocalyptic novel by Thom Brannan, published in October, 2012. Cover art by David Seidman.


Cover art by David Seidman.


800px-Pleiades large

NASA's picture of the Ancient Enemy's home system.

The Ancient Enemy has risen from the depths of time and turned the world into a darkened and desolate place. The last outposts of humanity are hidden in the sewers and subways, guarding against patrolling hordes of walking dead and their overseers, the sadistic and inhuman Locust People.

Struggling to survive in the New York underground is a young man named Jack. But Jack has an edge: a growing psychic power he uses to fight The Enemy's lieutenants. With the world at stake, Jack and a team of ex-Special Forces operatives set off on a quest to find an artifact from the dawn of time that will put an end to the Ancient Enemy's reign and restore the world. But what will Jack have to become to defeat the evil older than mankind?

Peer ReviewEdit

C. DulaneyEdit

"I hated to see the story end."

David DunwoodyEdit

"A relentlessly brilliant new vision of the apocalypse. Defies the reader to put it down."

Tim CurranEdit

"Bleak and relentless, Lords of Night gives us a guided tour of hell and show us just the sort of things that might come crawling out if civilization crashes. Brannan grabs the reader by the scruff of the neck and rubs his face in the apocalypse until he knows the smell and taste of global death...and in the process he shows us that when the dead rise and evil entities come to pillage our souls, it's the little guys with the big hearts that swing the mightiest sticks."

Jason S. HornsbyEdit

"A very original and exciting take on a—excuse the pun—dead genre. This is a zombie novel, a rich fantasy, a comic book-style action piece, and a stylish blood-drenched horror show all rolled into one."